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How academist works

academist is an academic crowdfunding platform for obtaining research funding. You can use the "Spot Support Type Crowdfunding (All or Nothing Type)" where you set a target amount and a deadline for your challenge, or the "Monthly Support Type Crowdfunding (All In Type)" where you receive monthly support payment. For more details, please refer to the "About academist” page.
In the case of the "Spot Support Type", we charge 20% of the total amount achieved (including a 3% settlement fee), and in the case of the "Monthly Support Type", we charge 10% of the total amount supported (including a 3% settlement fee). In both cases, there is no charge for posting your project.

Project Flow

The average time it takes from the start of project preparation to publication is about one and a half months. We can also respond in a few days to a few weeks, so please consult with us.

・Contact us from the consultation form on the website.
・Don't worry if you haven't decided on the content of the page, return ideas, or the target amount.
・If you are not sure whether your research theme, field of study, or project is appropriate for academist, please feel free to contact us.
・We are holding a crowdfunding information session for researchers every Wednesday(Only Japanese). Our staff will introduce the basic mechanism, past cases, and the flow of project production. If you are interested, please apply from this form.


Inquiry and consultation


・We recommend that you inform the person in charge of donations at your institution beforehand, as the research expenses will be transferred from our company to your institution as a donation when the spot support type project is completed.
・If you are a graduate student, please obtain permission from your academic advisor in advance.
・Please let us know if you would like us to transfer the research expenses directly to the challenger (since it will become income, you may need to file a tax return).
・If you are considering the donation type, you will need to have a prior meeting with your organization to obtain a receipt from them.


Confirmation with your organization


・If the project you have consulted with us about passes our internal screening process, we will arrange a date for an interview and research hearing.
・Interviews and research hearings are usually conducted via online meeting tools.
・This process also serves as the main screening process for projects, so depending on the results of the interviews and research hearings, we may decline to publish your project.


Interviews and research hearings


・After the hearing, our staff will send you a "Project Creation Sheet" that summarizes the proposed structure of the project page and the proposed returns. Please create your manuscript according to this sheet.
・We are also asking you to provide images that we could use for the project page. We can also include videos, so please contact us if you would like to do so.
・The academist editorial team will create an attractive project page based on your manuscript.


Manuscript preparation


・You will be able to see the preview page and make a final confirmation of your project. The challenge period and target amount will be finalized here.
・We will set up a meeting to discuss your advertising strategy prior to publication.


Preparation before release


・We will publish the project as soon as it is ready.
・During the challenge period, you will promote your project through your SNS and your community.
・Please feel free to contact our staff if you are worried about not being able to gather as much support as you would like.
・We will also promote your project through our official SNS and email newsletters.


Project start


・<In the case of spot-type>If the project is successful, the research expenses will be transferred by the 5th of the month following the month in which the crowdfunding challenge period ends. For example, if the challenge period is from March 15 to May 15, the payment will be made by July 5.
・<In the case of the monthly support type>The closing date is the end of the month, and the transfer date is the first day of the following month (or the first Monday if it is a holiday). For example, the amount of support for October will be transferred on December 1.


Goal achievement


・Please proceed with your research and implement returns as appropriate, such as sending a research report and holding a science cafe.


Provide returns to supporters


Eligibility/Screening Criteria

The following four points are the criteria for review. Any academic field is acceptable. We have a proven track record in fields ranging from the humanities and social sciences to science and engineering, medicine, dentistry and pharmacology.

1. two recommendations from doctoral candidates belonging to universities or research institutes

2. a record of achievement that demonstrates the ability to conduct research in the relevant field

3. a vision of the research and a roadmap to achieve the vision

4. a well-developed advertising strategy

・If you are an undergraduate/graduate student with no experience in writing papers, or if you are an independent researcher, we will respond to you individually. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about the decision.
・In some cases, we may decide not to publish your website after a comprehensive review by our company.

Why academist?


The first academic crowdfunding site in Japan

academist is the first academic crowdfunding site in Japan. With the cooperation of university administrators and researchers, we are steadily accumulating know-how and achievements.


content and return creation support

To ensure the success of your project, we will carefully discuss the page content, return structure, and advertising methods.


High achievement rate, high degree of freedom

academist's project achievement rate is over 85%. This is one of the highest rates among all academic crowdfunding sites in the world. Since there are no restrictions on the use of the research funds obtained, you can use them as research funds that are easy to use.


Anyone, anytime, can challenge

The academist is looking for challengers 24/7. We welcome challenges from researchers at universities and research institutes, as well as from wild researchers who do not belong to universities. Why don't you make your idea come true at academist?

Examples of Crowdfunding Use

As a step from "0" to "1" to obtain a public budget such as a scientific research grant

The research theme was once rejected for a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research because it was unprecedented, but they developed a prototype of the research device through crowdfunding and obtained data, which led to the acquisition of the Grant-in-Aid. The research results were published in Nature.

Chase the mysterious gamma rays from the thundercloud!
Teruaki Enoto, Takayuki Yuasa

To acquire research funds that can be flexibly used to supplement the public budget

Although they had received grants from academic societies, they had insufficient research funds to conduct clinical research, and the public budget they could apply for was limited.

Less atrial fibrillation after heart surgery, fewer patients' burden!
Yasushige Shingu

As an acquisition of travel expenses for conference presentations and fieldwork

You can also use the funds for research expenses to support your daily research activities, such as travel expenses for conference presentations and collection of materials.

Is liberal arts useless? Reinterpret the Yale report!
Yoshihiro Hara

As a means to bring my research to a wider audience.

Crowdfunding not only allows you to obtain research funding, but also has the advantage of making your research known to a wide range of people. This is an example of how crowdfunding was used to obtain research funding and achieve outreach at the same time.

Draw a ultrawide seafloor map with our unmanned probe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spot support type

Anyone can view the contents of the project, so the possibility of being stolen is not zero. The risk of plagiarism may be reduced by setting "research that is under development to some extent and requires additional funding" or "research that makes use of the resources that only you have" rather than presenting only ideas. I can think of it.
Yes. If you can clarify the purpose of using the funds, you can use them together with other research funds.
Expenses for creating returns (T-shirt price, science cafe venue fee, etc.) will be deducted from the total amount of support. If you set only the return that is completed by e-mail like the research report, there will be no return cost.
You can carry out the project if you publish your research. However, we recommend that you disclose information as much as possible because it will be easier for supporters to support you if you disclose your name, institution, and research achievements.
The project will continue until the end of the originally set project implementation period. academist recommends that you set a second goal and continue to raise funds.
Yes. If you exceed the target amount, we recommend that you list the additional usage on the project page. In addition, since the second goal will be "All-In type", after reaching the initial target amount, you can receive the total amount of support finally collected regardless of whether you achieved the second goal or not.
You can apply. For details, please see the official page of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science [Question 16].
No. Academist is a mechanism that evokes sympathy for research ideas, not research results, and raises funds through the provision of goods or services. It is more important to clarify the usage of the target amount and to report the research process regularly, rather than producing research results.
At academist, we emphasize the support of research fans by communicating the appeal of research, so we basically do not recommend setting returns that require production, ordering, and shipping. The staff will propose returns such as research reports and online exchange meetings that will not burden the researchers relatively much and will maximize the appeal of the research to the supporters.
In order to achieve the target amount, you will be asked to carry out promotional activities using SNS etc. Regarding the method of advertising activities, we will work closely with the staff in charge to achieve it.
You can challenge. However, please note that a written submission by a parent or guardian of a minor is required.
The average is 2 months, but it can be set for a long time. However, crowdfunding is not a mechanism that automatically gathers support once it is posted, so we recommend that you limit the deadline to 1 to 2 months and promote intensively.
Is possible. We are waiting for applications from ambitious teams with the same research goals, such as joint research and challenges for each organization (academic society, company, laboratory, etc.).

Monthly Support Type

Nothing in particular. Since it is a mechanism to support researchers by purchasing returns, please use it for a part of travel expenses and living expenses for business trips to academic societies and fieldwork.
Even if there is no progress in the research, it is of great value to report the research process. Please report as much as possible. If it is difficult every month, it is possible to make a "research progress report (bimonthly)" at the return setting stage. Please consult the staff for details!
Contents other than research are possible, but if you can send out the contents related to research as much as possible (eg, conference participation report, knowledge obtained through discussions among researchers, etc.), we will continue to support more core fans. receive.
Is possible. Please use it for participation fees in R & D competitions that require continuous funding.
Basically, it is not possible to know, but if you set a return for Science Cafe etc., you will have the opportunity to meet with the supporters.


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